LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs

Bring Our Legendary Performance To Your Unique Project
LiFePO4 battery is your professional and reliable battery partner:
· High safe performance
· Super life-span, Long cycle life
· Not contain any heavy metals, non-pollution, complies with ROHS regulations

LiFePO4 Battery fit for vehicle use, EV (electric vehicles), E-bike, Garden lights, electric cars, electric motorcycle, electric skateboards, golf vehicle, backup power, energy storage, etc.

How to LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs?

Normally, We will request a basic battery technical from you. This will ensure we can give the best solution on LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs. So we know what BMS and cells are best suitable. Also, there are many battery chemistries, and the BYPOWER battery engineer knows what fits best for your design.

BYPOWER has been building more stable, durable and efficient, targeted power solutions. We offer a variety of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, each with a targeted custom design according to different country climate temperatures and application fields, providing high cycle life and excellent performance over a wide operating temperature, waterproof performance, shock resistance The dynamic performance is equally suitable in extremely cold and high temperature areas.
We'll work with you to create the perfect battery for your application, whether it's a higher voltage, a larger capacity, or a specific look or size. We can all supply. Custom and OEM batteries as request.
BYPOWER is your preferred lithium battery manufacturer. We manufacture custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs and components for many applications. Our battery design team uses the latest mechanical and electronic design tools to optimize the reliability, safety of your custom LFP battery packs.
We are committed to providing global customers with high-quality and low-cost products, and have a group of professional and experienced technical engineers to provide customers with professional services. We always try our best to provide you with better service.


Our strengths are strong R&D capabilities, continuous innovation capabilities, flexible customization capabilities, and efficient integrated production capabilities, which we use for everything from design to manufacturing. Our lithium battery pack ODM service can help you shorten product development time, expand your product lineup, and inject different ideas and vitality into your existing brand. We offer you a variety of options and solutions.

Project-based lithium battery design customization service
We provide project-based services for most customers in Europe and the United States, including the design and installation of rack-mounted battery packs for telecommunications server backup power boxes, and the design and installation of solar energy systems. Our professional team can calculate the matching power and capacity, can guarantee the quality and help customers save 45% of the cost, and provide a 12-year warranty. This is the advantage of manufacturers directly supplying lithium batteries.

Service Process Solutions

In order to serve you better, BYPOWER is committed to providing high-quality solutions for OEM/ODM services. We are experts in our new energy industry, just like you are in your field. We can provide flexible custom design and manufacturing services globally without compromising quality, and products benefit our customers through shorter product development cycles and lower manufacturing costs.

LiFePO4 Custom Battery Pack Advantages
LiFePO4 custom battery packs provide excellent thermal stability, very fast charge times, and long cycle life. However, since they operate at a slightly lower voltage than standard Li-ion chemistry, they provide slightly less energy content than other Li-Ion battery packs. Some of the main benefits of utilizing a lithium ferrous phosphate custom battery pack over other lithium chemistries include:
● Longer cycle life
● Increased abuse tolerance
● Faster recharge
● Less expensive than other chemistries
There are certain tradeoffs when utilizing a LiFePO4 custom battery pack over other Li-Ion chemistries. Lithium ferrous phosphate custom battery packs produce less energy for a given volume/weight, but in many applications, their abundant performance advantages make up for any loss of energy.

Why choose us?
10 years of lithium battery manufacturing experience, top-notch technical team and experience accumulation, overseas warehousing and after-sales service capabilities, more than 10 years of quality assurance and service.
Factory scale
The factory covers an area of 2,000 square meters and has 100 sets of advanced machinery and equipment...
product quality
Our products have passed a number of international certifications, and the product quality is recognized. ...
exporting country
Our products are exported and recognized in more than 20 countries around the world. ...
techinque level
The factory has advanced production design and world advanced production technology..

BYPOWER is a professional solar lithium battery manufacturer integrating lithium battery cell technology research and development, pack manufacturing, sales, and project installation services.
The company is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of 48v golf course batteries, 12V solar street light lithium batteries, solar home energy storage battery systems, 10kwh 20kwh telecommunications rack cabinet battery packs, the main products include battery cells, lead-acid replacement batteries, energy storage batteries and other series products . The company has passed ISO9001 international certification quality management system certification.
Our products have obtained CE, ul, ROHS, UN3803, kc and other certifications; our products are very popular in Europe, America and Southeast Asia markets. And we have always attached great importance to the development and investment of new lithium battery technology, research and development and overseas warehousing, and after-sales localization construction have also achieved certain results, and are deeply trusted by European and American customers.

BYPOWER adheres to the principles of pragmatic innovation, customer first, and mutual benefit, pays attention to strengthening ties with related industries, deeply understands market demand, continues to research and innovate, provides customers with a steady stream of product resources, adapts to market changes, and meets market needs. We advocate market-oriented, scientific research as the leader, innovation as the means, and open our minds to develop domestic and foreign markets. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

Custom Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack Features
Cell Voltage: 3.2V (nominal)
Capacity: 1Ah to 20Ah+
Energy by Weight: 90–110 Watt Hour/Kilogram.
Energy by Volume: 220 Wh/L.
Discharge Characteristics: Power cells are hi-rate capable.
Cycle Life: 2000 to 7000 cycles.
Self Discharge: ≤3% month.

LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs Advantages
Compared to other battery options, custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs provide superior thermal and chemical stability. This allows for improved safety characteristics over lithium-ion batteries that utilize less-safe cathode materials. Rechargeable lithium iron batteries are also virtually incombustible due to mishandling during the charge and discharge processes, which means that they can handle higher temperatures without significant damage. Other major advantages for LiFePO4 when compared to other Li-ion chemistries include higher rate discharge capability and longer cycle life.

LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs Disadvantages
The energy density of custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs, both by energy and volume, is somewhat lower than that of LiCoO2 cells and batteries. However, while LiFePO4 cells have lower voltage and energy density than other Li-ion cells, this disadvantage is offset over time by a slower rate of capacity loss (greater calendar-life) when compared with other lithium-ion battery chemistries, such as LiCoO2 cobalt or LiMn2O4 manganese spinel.

Like other lithium-ion cells, lithium iron cells and batteries are available in Energy and Power types that provide either better power or energy characteristics, depending on whether a longer run time or high rate discharge is required.

Applications of Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries
Rechargeable lithium-iron battery packs are a popular choice for electric vehicles because of their fast charging and high-speed discharging capabilities, as well as long cycle and calendar life. For the same reason, power tool manufacturers have also adopted LFP chemistries. Medical device manufacturers and defense contractors are adopting LFP chemistries for their inherent safety. Some industries that frequently use LFP batteries include:
electric vehicle manufacturer
Power Tools Enterprise
medical device manufacturer
business, family, military

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