Some personal opinion sharing of Taipei Cycle 2023

BYPower Battery | 11/05/2023

1. Taipei Cycle has not yet returned to its pre-pandemic level.
From our own observations, the overall number of visitors is only about 70% of what it was during its peak, and participation of European and American brands was less than expected - this could be attributed to the decline in the global bicycle industry and high inventory levels.

2. There has been an increase in visitors from Asia.
Compared to the past, there are many more brand buyers from Asia (especially Japan, Korea, and India), and the number is even comparable to European and American visitors. They are all looking for opportunities in the e-bike market, which has seen a significant rise in these areas. However, all of these countries have their own challenges, such as strict regulations and the market being monopolized by certain huge brands.

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3. Is this the Taipei Inventory Show?
Yes, I heard many people in the industry jokingly refer to this year's event as the "Taipei Inventory Exhibition". Under the current tough market conditions, although many brands attended the show, they did not present new products to OE customers. This is because, from the second half of 2022, brand owners have canceled many of their orders, which has greatly impacted the Taiwanese bicycle industry. Instead, they are trying to sell off as much of their excess inventory as possible. We also heard from various sources that many manufacturers have developed new products, but due to the current tough market situation, they all decided to delay the release of these products.

4. More than half of the displays were related to e-bikes.
I don't have exact figures, but almost every manufacturer displayed products and parts related to e-bikes. Even at the Outdoor Demo Area, at least 80% of the bikes were e-bikes - there were no ordinary bikes to be seen.

5. Taiwan's electronics industry leader has joined the game.
For example, Taiwan's giant electronics companies, such as Acer and Delta, officially revealed their ambitions to get a piece of the e-bike market at Taipei Cycle 2023. These large Taiwanese electronics companies already have experience and technology in automotive electronics and software and are now investing these resources in the bicycle industry. This means that market competition and future product iterations will likely become intense.

6. 48V systems will become mainstream in the future. 
Suppliers of e-bike electronic components are sprouting up everywhere. Looking at the products on show, it seems that the 36V system is gradually losing its advantage as the 48V system is slowly taking the lead from the corner.

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